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For over a decade we have been active in the consumer credit market; during this time we have learned a lot about people and their loans. Using this specialist knowledge and the data that we acquired, we have refined the complex credit risk management process in order to build a note portfolio that is even sought after by banks.

Throughout this last decade we have excelled in developing exclusive partnerships with consumer loan providers that generate what we refer to as “happy loans”. Happy Loans are loans taken by individuals looking to finance a pleasant purchase. Examples of such “happy loans” are bridal loans, cosmetic surgery procedures as well as other types of retail purchases. Our data has shown a strong positive correlation between these Happy Loans and repayments. Through this strategy we generated a stable and consistent portfolio of borrowers with a greater propensity to fulfill their loan commitments.

LoanClubUSA’s Investor Program is only available for Accredited Investors. Please click HERE to find out if you are an accredited investor or alternatively contact us and one of our knowledgeable representatives will determine your eligibility with regard to the SEC’s definition.

If you are an accredited investor: and are interested in investing through LoanClubUSA please contact us to learn more.

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Investments in an American company helping Americans.

Reliable returns.

Strong, stable returns through an investment vehicle that is consistent and stable.

A consumer credit risk management team with over 5 decades of experience.

A consistent and reliable investment, your money is safe with us.

A simplified lending investment platform.